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What is life?

             The thing I often think about and maybe I realize because I am older is that especially in today’s day and age with social media etc. it’s so easy to think that life just becomes this beautiful thing automatically. That families and couples just have this amazing life because we only share the pictureque and shareable moments to the world. Those things don’t come to be without hard work , dedication, and perseverance to overcome challenges and struggles along the way. Those beautiful things in life come to those who are patient, those who don’t give up hope when things get tough. That is what makes people successful. The people who achieve great things whether personally, as a family, with Careers , or entrepreneurship. It is all the same. The key is not what people see on the outside and the image that is created but actually the heart and the soul and the drive and the determination to succeed. It will never be easy. The biggest challenge for me in the past six years has been trying to remember this. Trying to stay positive and keep working towards what I invested my life, my time, my money in. My biggest investment has been in my family. It has been so hard to endure all this. It has been so hard after all the things I did and I sacrificed to start again and learn a new language , learn a new culture but still believe and stay strong in doing what is right. We all go through challenges. Those who don’t admit and face it have the deepest and darkest inner guilt and remorse about their lives. Life is not easy and what people share online is not the truth. What is real Is love. What is real is how you treat others. What is real is how you react to struggle. What is real is what you become through experiencing these endeavors… we must ask ourselves what we have given to the world before we die. What light did we shine and what did we do that was really really good. Then we look back at the times that were difficult and we feel blessed for overcoming diversity and rising above negativity to create something beautiful. That is what life is…..

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