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Collaboration Project with Humbeats Ecuador

Posted by Peter Axelsen on

As you know our main goal here at Baki Clothing Company is to help others and boost education, especially on the island of Sumba. We are so excited to be working on this project to build a new School in Sumba. This facility will also be used to house the many volunteers and guests who are interested in coming to Sumba but we haven't yet a place for them to comfortably stay.....

Photo by : Wekku Ari Saaski

photo: Wekku Ari Saaski (@arisaaski) 

We have been working on a collaboration project with our good friends and fellow Socially Conscious Clothing Brand in Ecuador.  Humbeats has submitted some unique artwork created by Humbeats founder Luis Gustavo Viteri from Ecuador. These shirts are printed on our Special New Color Bamboo and include 4 print locations.... These are limited edition items...

100% of the purchase price goes to the Yasuka Sumba School Fund...

You can purchase on our website or you can make a $25 donation directly on the NGO website at

Once you have made the donation please send us proof of donation payment  and we will send you the Special Edition T-shirt..... 

Baki Clothing & Humbeats Ecuador Improve Education with Yasuka Sumba NGO


Check out one of our new Baki x Humbeats Bamboo shirts below. We are also looking for socially conscious boutiques, retailers, and online outlets who are interested in carrying and selling these products to help us generate funds to  build the facility. We have more designs and the ability to produce many more unique designed eco-friendly products to market worldwide. Both brands are committed to full donation of proceeds from any & all of these collaboration design shirts....

Baki x Humbeats Bamboo T-shirt with 100% donation to Yasuka Sumba NGO


Click the logo's below to visit each brands Facebook page:

Humbeats Ecuador Surf Brand x Baki Clothing Company    Baki Clothing Company X Humbeats Ecuador Surf Brand

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