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Baki Clothing Company

Posted by Peter Axelsen on

Baki Clothing Company works with Humbeats Ecuador to Improve the World!

     Baki Clothing Company is an ethical fashion brand  & clothing production company based in Indonesia. We are partners with Yasuka Sumba NGO to help communities in Sumba, Nusa Tenggara , Indonesia. We also provide support to education programs on the Island of Java. Working together with English Language Programs, Culinary training, Service and Trade Skills, Entrepreneurial development, and design. This services are provided to the communities here through various channels with absolutely no cost. These programs are also supported through the sales of our Baki Brands Clothing and our Collaboration Projects. We have another partner in our Humanitarian efforts, which is helping us spread our efforts and make more impact. Humbeats Ecuador is an amazing collective that is spreading their social impacts through their programs which focus on marine conservations, sanitation, beach cleanups, and any and all oppurtunities to help the earth, ocean, and it's occupants. We can only praise their efforts and want to see them shine bright and lead our youth in the future. Baki Clothing Company is working together with Luis Gustavo and the Humbeats team to make some amazing clothing and use our skills in design and production to better the world we live in. Luis has amazing skills in design and we have released a demo run of 2 new collaboration bamboo shirts this week. We have plans to develop our efforts into a full line which will be featured in our 'Give Back Catalog' which will release this Fall. 

 Baki x Humbeats Bamboo T-shirts (100% Donation to Yasuka Sumba)

         You can show support for these projects by purchasing  the clothing, making donations to the Yasukas Sumba sight, Donate the Humbeats Earthquake relief funds, share info to friends, like and share our posts, photos, and positive vibes. We love the support and if you want to get involved please don't hesitate to contact us.....


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