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Help out Keegan McKenna! 50% of All Sales Go to his medical expenses

Posted by Peter Axelsen on

We have a very special promotion running today that I would like to share with all of you. Our Good friend Keegan McKenna is winning the most challenging battle of his life. At only 33 years of age Keegan was diagnosed with a malignant neoplasm of the central nervous system. In short, he has a tumor next to his L3 that has intertwined with his spinal cord. He is currently in the second phase of his treatment and undergoing chemotherapy. Keegan is not the person to ever shine negative light and he would never ask for funding himself. Fortunately Keegan's brother Benjamin has set up a fund for to help raise funds for the enormous medical expenses. We all have struggles in our lives and if we all show a little support to each other in times of need it goes a long way...for him, for you, for us, our community and our society. We encourage you to make a direct donation to his fund ( if you have the means. 
Since grade 11 at Bend Senior High School I have personally be closer friends and life student of Keegans mother Barbara McKenna. She has been such a positive influence on many levels and continues to support my projects and endeavours. Keegan and I become good friends during high school and college years often travelling together, enjoying music, and always having a good positive vibe. He truly is a great person to know and is always been like a brother to me. 
I had an idea the other day that maybe I could do something to help with the promotion of the fund and also to help spread the word so those who want to help have a way to do it. We decided that we could do a promotion with my clothing brand Baki Bamboo Clothing Company and give some proceeds from Sales to the Fund. It's just our way of giving back to Keegan and his family for all the support they have give. So for those who know me & not Keegan, those that have been long time friends of both of us, or simply someone who has been thinking about making a purchase of our clothing, Today would be a good time to do it because we will be giving 50% from all sales for the next 24 hours to Keegans fund. 
Please understand the spirit of our project is to help Keegan so it's preferred if you donate directly, but if you want to get some new clothing in the meantime it would be a win-win. Keegan is the 1st person to wear our new Bamboo Elephunk hat & we are so happy to have such a good guy representing our Brand.

Thanks My Brother 

-Pete Axelsen

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