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Show Support for Visual Impaired Students

Posted by Peter Axelsen on

We have a special promotion now to help raise some funds to bring a class of visually impaired students on an outing in the local area of Central Java.

We have a 2 new bamboo t-shirts that we finished and we are using these 2 shirts as a promo for the 'Yayasan Asuhan Anak-anak Tuna Netra'  #YAAT (School for the Blind) . We will use the proceeds from the sale of these shirts to have a fun day with the kids at the school. We also invited 2 of the students to join us for a photo shoot at Efun Institute English Learning Center. These students attend classes at the English School each week. 

Efun English School is one of our partners and we work together to help boost education and english schools. We have other sponsorship programs with the school and the #YAAT promo is just one of our new projects..

Here is a couple photos from our photoshoot last week...

Baki Clothing Supports Blind Students in Central Java

Gilang and Afif with Baki Clothing creative director Peter Axelsen


Yayasan Asuhan Anak-anak Tuna Netra (School for the blind)

You can purchase either of the above bamboo tshirts at the following links:

Long Sleeve Bamboo Surf Tee  (Mens Tshirt)

-Surf Life Bamboo Tshirt by Baki Clothing. Benefits Blind Children in Indonesia

Short Sleeve Bakso Beachscape Bamboo Tee  (Mens and Womens Tshirt)

-Bakso Beachscape Bamboo Tshirt by Baki Clothing. Benefits Blind Children in Indonesia


Stay tuned for more fun programs and projects....

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