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                                                  Baki Clothing Company 

Thank you so much for visiting our website. We appreciate you more than you realize!  When you purchase our clothing you are helping to improve the lives of many people. On top of that you are helping to support those that decide to follow their dreams and pursue alternative routes to achieving success. 


Here at Baki Clothing Company we love making Bamboo Graphic Tshirts that are creative, original & made from high quality materials. Our Garments are produced in small batches in a family style environment. We use ethical practices when we manufacturing clothing. We are also working to improve levels of education in several parts of Indonesia.

Bamboo T-shirts are made with a more sustainable raw material than traditional cotton shirts. Bamboo is the fastest growing grass in the world. Some varieties can grow as much as 5 feet per day. It is truly an amazing plant. It is also used for all different kinds of building and sustainable living materials. Did we mention all of the bamboo used to produce our shirts is organically grown!

Bamboo Tshirts can wick moisture because the yarn used to produce the fabric is very fine. This makes for a comfortable mix of premium & functional qualities. The fibers of the Bamboo fabric are so fine that they don't hold moisture like 100% cotton, so the fabric can breath instead of holding moisture & becoming heavy or smelly. Do you own a Bamboo Tshirt?

Bamboo T-shirts by Baki Clothing Company

Bamboo Graphic T-shirts  produced by Baki Clothing are quality tested and made with care. The clothing is individually checked for quality and because we operate as a small family based team, we prove a  'NO SWEAT SHOP' policy for all the manufacturing of our clothing.

Bamboo Tshirts are not our only product. We carry many items , all of which are made by hand in a factory free environment. We do use sewing machines in the process,  but we create patterns ,cut all the fabric, & sew each button on by hand. We have been working hard to expand our brand beyond a Bamboo T-shirt company.  We have a full line of men's and women's apparel which includes Eco-Snapback Hats , Bamboo-lined Hoodies , Hand-woven shorts, Bamboo Sunglasses, Athletic wear, and more...

Bamboo Clothing Company- Hoodies, Tees, and Hats made from Bamboo


'Baki Lifestyle is a way of life that can look beyond our personal self interests'


Humanitarian Projects by Baki Clothing Company

Baki Lifestyle Apparel strives to make a positive impact on the world we all share. Our focus is aligned with helping those in more under-developed areas to better their lives through our work on Java and Sumba Islands. We also strive to have a positive footprint in the production of our clothing. We have created a unique blend of Bamboo Apparel that is ideal for printing and production needs. Our fabric is made using one of the most sustainable grasses in the world. We also hold a policy of 'no dumping' of materials used in the process of production the bamboo yarn.  Bamboo is a truly amazing material and we are committed to using this naturally occurring material in all of our products. The Fabric is blended with Cotton to create a more durable & printable surface while still maintaining the soft sheen of the bamboo fibers.

Here are a few of the colors of bamboo we use...

Order Blank Bamboo Tshirts

When it comes to the production of our clothing, we use only ethical practices in our small home-based workshop. We believe in creating clothing in a positive & productive working environment so the good energy can be passed on to others. We strive to keep our Clothing free of unfair wages & unsafe working conditions.  We also provide our staff with salaries that are considerably higher than the industry standard salaries. Additionally, we include english & communication training to our staff & their families who work with us. This is part of our goal to set a good example for those around us.

Baki Clothing Company-Made from Bamboo

When Mr. Axelsen is not designing & working on clothing production projects, our founder is often teaching english as a volunteer teacher at several local schools and the EFUN Learning Center.  This is an addition to  spending time on humanitarian projects on the Island of Sumba . The Clothing is a means to an end for us at Baki Clothing Company.

The vision we have is to use the clothing brand and the skills of business and marketing in a way that can help to create a better life for those that have not had the access to such information. In a way, trying to share some western privileges with less fortunate parts of the world.  Sumba and Java are the focal points of these projects as there is tremendous need for education, english & communication skills, business development skills, health care, and sanitation.

Baki Lifestyle Brand is an apparel company and also a humanitarian project to create a lifestyle that can set an example for others around the world. Please share our vision with others. We feel that the only way to have an impact is to set a positive example and pave the way through action.

Bamboo Eco-Snapback by Baki Clothing Company
Baki Bamboo Fashion is a Independent Brand that was pioneered in the Hills of Northern California. The concepts that are embodied is the idea of sustainability and growth. While working on a hillside with only the companionship of his yellow labrador (Deuce) , Baki Brand was born through the ideas and images created and drawn out for future use. Tending to garden, sustainable farming, and natural fibers later blossomed into travel, culture, and humanitarian efforts as the principal concepts behind the brand.

Pete, at age 8 ,with the help of his older brother Lars,  grew vegetables and pumpkins which were sold in a small kiosk in front of the family home. These experiences in early life have helped to form the ideas of sustainibility, organic products & entrepreneurship that the brand represents. After years of working on graphic design, marketing, and clothing production Baki Clothing Company has slowly, but surely, become a reality.

Baki Clothing Company strives to produce grass-root humanitarian projects on the Islands of SumbaOur goal is to improve english skills and build a better life for communities that are less developed. We have worked primarily in the humanitarian realm for the past few years and developed a relationship with local groups such as the Yasuka Sumba NGO and Hati Nurani Orphanage.

Baki Clothing Company also works as a sponsor and teacher with EFUN learning center on the island of Java. This project focuses on English Language Skills for the areas youth. The program is bringing teachers to the school from all around the world through a program called 'Work Away'. It is a great way for us to bring native speaking teachers to our School. We will be using this model for our english school in Sumba as well. 

Pete Axelsen teaches at St. Augustus Kindergarten on Sumba Island

Above: Baki Clothing Creator & Yasuka Sumba NGO member Pete Axelsen Teaches at The St. Antonios Kindergarten

These are the main goals of our Humanitarian Projects

  • Provide Solutions for education & learning for youth
  • Facilitate clean water solutions for rural areas of Sumba
  • Develop the Hati Nurani Orphanage to a point of Sustainability
  • Develop permaculture projects throughout Northwest Sumba
  • Sanitation projects working with youth
  • English language skills and training in Java & Sumba
  • Home-based Training for health and well-being in rural areas
  • Practical Conversational English with Native Speakers


Our Clothing Brand is primarily focused on these goals

  • Create garments using bamboo & natural occuring fabrics
  • Create graphic prints of lifestyle elements and world themed art
  • Produce clothing for clients interested in bamboo products
  • Develop awareness & seek support for our humanitarian projects
  • Market our products internationally to clothing shops & eco boutiques
  • Create a better life for those less fortunate using our skills
  • Have fun and work with good people


 Baki Clothing Company supports happy healthy families


-The Baki Team