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What we do

Baki Bamboo Fashion is a Independent Brand that was pioneered in the Hills of Northern California. After years of working on clothing, design, and production we found our homebase in Indonesia

          Baki Clothing Company works directly with a Local NGO and educational groups in Sumba, Indonesia to produce grassroots humanitarian projects to support education, sanitation, health care, english language, and business development skills.  We are constantly working on projects together with many groups throughout the islands of Java, Bali, and Sumba to developed projects that will facilitate better learning for youth and adults. We have created the clothing brand to help generate revenue and awareness for our projects.

These are the main goals of our humanitarian work:

  • Provide solutions for education and learning for youth
  • Facilitate clean water solutions in rural areas of Sumba
  • Help to develop the Hati Nurani Orphanage to a point of sustainability
  • Develop permaculture projects throughout Northwest Sumba
  • Develop and Support our Sumba School Project
  • Sanitation projects working with youth
  • English language skills and training in Java and Sumba
  • Home-based Training for health and well-being in rual areas
  • Work Away Program to Bring Native Speaking teachers to the area

Our Clothing Brand is primarily focused on these products

  • Creating Garments using Fabrics with natural occuring Bamboo fibers
  • Create Graphic Prints of Lifestyle elements and World themed art
  • Create Clothing Production of Bamboo Garments for other brands
  • Develop awareness of our NGO and humanitarian projects
  • Market our products Internationally to Ethical Shops and Eco Boutiques
  • Create a better life for those less fortunate using our skills
  • Have Fun and Work with good people