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The vision of our Brand

                                              Bamboo Apparel by Baki Lifestyle

      Baki Lifestyle Apparel strives to make a positive impact on the world around us. Our focus is aligned with helping others to better their lives through the work of our NGO Yasuka Sumba. We also strive to have a positive footprint in the production of our clothing. We have created a exclusive blend of Bamboo that is ideal for our printing and production needs. This fabric is made using one of the most sustainable trees in the world, Bamboo . Did you know that certain types of bamboo can grow as much as 5 feet per day? Bamboo is a truly an amazing material and we are committed to using this naturally occurring material in almost all of our products. The Fabric is blended with cotton to create a more durable and printable surface while still maintaining the soft sheen of the bamboo fibers.

   Ethical fashion is important at Baki Lifestyle Apparel. When it comes to working on the production of our clothing we use only Ethical practices in our small home-based workshop. We believe in creating our clothing in a happy and productive environment so the positive energy can be passed on to others. We don't produce anything in big factories. We strive to keep our Clothing free of unfair wages, unsafe working conditions, and we provide our staff of 3 more than 2x the average salary for the same job. We also include english training and education to our staff and their families who work with us in our workshop. This is part of our goal to set a better example for those around us.                                         Baki Teaches at The St. Antonios Kindergarten

   Baki, when  not designing and working on the clothing production projects our founder is often teaching english as a volunteer teacher at several local schools as well as spending much of his time on projects created for the Yasuka Sumba Program. The Clothing is a means to an end in the eyes of Baki .The vision we share is to use the clothing brand and the skills of business and marketing in a way that can help to create a better life for those that have not had the access to such information. In a way, trying to share some western privileges with less fortunate parts of the world. Sumba is the focal point of these projects as there is tremendous need for education, business development skills, health, sanitation, english & communication skills.   

                                                                               Yasuka Sumba Youth Group


       Baki Lifestyle Brand is an apparel company and also a humanitarian project to create a lifestyle that can set an example for others around the world. Please share our vision with others because we feel that the only way to really set a positive example is to lead by example and pave the way through actions. 

You can view more info on our Sumba Projects Directly at: