Ethical Clothing Production by Baki Clothing Company

Ethical Clothing Production

Baki Clothing Company produces clothing with a vision of creating a lasting relationship with all components of the business model. Our team that works together to design garments, make patterns, cut fabrics, print, inspect (quality control) , and distribute the products to our customers. We also consider our production clients to be partners who share our vision and goals as a brand and company.

Bamboo T-shirts by Baki Clothing Company
‘Whether your building a house, baking a cake, or making a t-shirt. It’s the attention to details that make it just right’ -Baki Clothing

When we make a garment we take the time to make it properly and that is why we don’t produce ‘fast fashion’. We don’t believe in the big factory fashion system that controls most of the market. We continue to provide our clients with small batch orders, even as our volumes grow and we develop our company to gear to larger scale clients.

We source fabrics that are made with natural fibers and our staple fabric is made from bamboo, which is blended with 30% Cotton. We choose to use bamboo fibers in our products because it is a sustainable resource and the material quality is very desirable.  Our fabric is very breathable and comfortable on the skin and has many great qualities not found in 100% cotton fabrics. While the production of the yarn may not be a perfectly environmentally sound process, we do use only suppliers that use responsible procedures in the process. In fact our fabrics are tested and 100% free of any harsh or undesirable residue.

Cutting Fabric by Baki Clothing Company
Cutting the fabric precisely and efficiently takes focus.

Once the fabric is in our workshop we use only ethical and fair work habits. Our staff are treated like family and salaries are higher than industry standards. We also provide english training and provide healthy meals to our staff each and every day that they work in our home based workshop. We feel that in order to produce quality products, we must make sure that our staff is happy and enjoy working together. Additionally, some components of our production have blossomed into personal businesses for our staff.

Ethical Apparel Production
Some special visitors learning about the printing process


We are fully supportive of the development of the skills, and work together and encourage our team to take their skills & develop them into their own operations. Some of our staff who still work with us, also operate their own projects on the side. Other staff members have moved on to open their own production workshops.

Ethical Clothing Production by Baki Clothing Company
Working in a family style environment that is relaxed and comfortable for everyone involved…
Sewing by Baki Clothing Company
Working in an environment that is comfortable and efficient is what makes working together a pleasure.
Cutting Fabric by Baki Clothing Company
Keep things organized and tidy while cutting is the key to good final products.