Teaching english on the Island of Sumba by Baki Clothing Company
Teaching became a fun passtime, especially when the children are so excited about it…
Sanitation programs on the Island of Sumba
‘Don’t Throw Trash Here’ is the message we painted on the sign.
Clean drinking water in Sumba by Baki Clothing Company
Step by step each of the kids at the orphanage became more healthy with improved daily habits.
Installing water lines at Hati Nurani Orphanage
We installed a water line for the Hati Nurani Orphanage. So now they have water directly at the Orphanage. No more walking with a bucket 🙂
Hati Nurani Orphanage in Sumba
We brought some special guests and new t-shirts for a visit at the orphanage..
Peter Axelsen teaching on the island of Sumba by Baki Clothing Company
Humanitarian efforts have always been the backbone of Baki Clothing Company
Eating together at the Hati Nurani Orphanage in Sumba, Indonesia
Meals together help build a strong repoire. Health is the key for these kids..
Hati Nurani Orphanage by Baki Clothing Company
Many blessings and thanks to the woman who handles everything at the orphange. Mama Agnes is an amazing woman who deals with the day-to-day and operation at Hati Nurani. Her passion is what we support.
Bamboo School Uniforms at the Hati Nurani Orphanage. Made by Baki Clothing Company
We made the kids and staff new uniforms to wear for fitness and leisure. Eco-fabrics are new to Sumba but the concept of sustainability and re-use is an age old tradition.
Free Medicine Clinic created by Baki Clothing Company
Baki Clothing bringing medicine and consultations to far reaching communities in Sumba Barat Daya.
Visiting rural villages in Sumba by Baki Clothing Company
Providing rural villages with much needed basic training. Focusing on teaching simple ways to stay clean and healthy.
Speaking with Orphans in Sumba by Baki Clothing Company
Taking the time to listen and make the children feel important can go a long way. Especially for children at the Hati Nurani Orphanage