Baki Clothing Company is an independent clothing brand that was originated in the hills of northern California. After spending months in the forest with only the companionship of his yellow labrador (Deuce) , Mr. Axelsen begin to formulate a plan to make a clothing brand inspired by concepts of sustainability. After many years of working on the graphic designs and learning about the industry, Mr. Axelsen eventually found his home base on the island of Bali, Indonesia. It was here that he had began to move the vision into the right direction. While continuing to develop his brand, Peter began to spend time on the island of Sumba, Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. He was touched by the local primitive culture and also shocked by the lack of basic human needs like clean water, adequate health information, and access to education. While the island was full of smiling and happy people, the situation was something that made an impact to the scope of his mission. Mr. Axelsen began teaching english classes and helping with programs to help sanitation and home based care. Later, he began working with an orphanage called ‘Hati Nurani’.  These projects became the focal point of the brand, and all sales from the brand were used to help with these programs. View some photos of these projects in our gallery

When the projects had taken root and the funding had become more scarce, Baki Clothing re-evaluated the situation and decided to move away from the island of Bali and to a more efficient location on the island of Java. In the first months of the new project Mr. Axelsen would drive an old motorcycle 45 kilometers each way to purchase materials and strap them to the back of the motorcycle and carry them home. He realized that in order to make the brand properly he had to start over, from the beginning. He had already given everything he had to help in Sumba. This was the true re-birth of the brand. After some time things began to improve and Baki Clothing was able to purchase some sewing machines and we began cutting, sewing, and producing the clothing in our small home. We realized that in order for the brand to bring benefit to the humanitarian projects, we needed to focus on making the brand a success. Read about more current projects on our blog.

Mr. Axelsen also began teaching again on the island of Java and continued to support the ‘Hati Nurani’ orphanage in Sumba. With the help of some good local friends and the Baki Team,  the brand has been able to slowly develop into what it is today. Baki Clothing Company is a humanitarian project whose focus is on the production of apparel using bamboo fabrics.  Baki Brand Apparel is available online and at select retail outlets. Blank Bamboo T-shirts  are available for wholesale purchase and custom clothing production for select clients.



Installing water lines at Hati Nurani Orphanage
We installed a water line for the Hati Nurani Orphanage. So now they have water directly at the Orphanage. No more walking with a bucket 🙂
Hati Nurani Orphanage in Sumba
We brought some special guests and new t-shirts for a visit at the orphanage..
Clean drinking water in Sumba by Baki Clothing Company
Step by step each of the kids at the orphanage became more healthy with improved daily habits.
Sanitation programs on the Island of Sumba
‘Don’t Throw Trash Here’ is the message we painted on the sign.
Using bio-degradable packing materials by Baki Clothing Company
Working together to make a quality product, as a team in a environment that works for everyone.
Teaching english on the Island of Sumba by Baki Clothing Company
Teaching became a fun passtime, especially when the children are so excited about it…



Baki Clothing Company
Looking for something different and having nothing to lose..
Ladies Bamboo Apparel by Baki Clothing Company
Doing some photography with our special guests from the UK. They came to Central Java to help teach english in our community.


Bamboo T-shirts by Baki Clothing Company
Enjoy the Eco-Fibers of our bamboo t-shirts. Clothing that means something…


Baki Clothing Supports Sumba Education Programs
Sharing with those who need some support. Even a smile can go a long ways..


Baki Clothing Company is something that is natural. We are ‘From the Earth’
Indonesian rice fields by Baki Clothing Company
Once we step back to see ourselves we realize that our prospective and reality are surprisingly similar